DaVinci Creatives, case-study, Beva
DaVinci Creatives, case-study, Beva


Beva Silicones Pvt Ltd develops silicone-based products for a myriad range of applications. The company manufactures products for industries cutting across textile, leather and personal care. They provide a vast range of classical softeners that include micro, macro and Semi-micro silicone emulsions which provide softness, tear strength to garments. They also have products that have water repellent finish, anti-microbial finish, and Micro encapsulation - Aloe-vera, Vitamin E, and Fragrance Finishes etc. Their silicone based products are used in footwear, automotive upholstery, garments, bags and other leather goods. For personal care industry, they supply products which are used in making of a wide array of items including deodorants, hairsprays, cleansing creams, skin creams, lotions, bath oils, sunscreen lotions, shaving products and nail polishes.

Our Activities

Logo design | Corporate communications | All Business promotional materials
Logos reveals brand identity. Logos tell the world: who you are, what type of products or services you sell and what potential benefits you offer. Taking cues from above, we designed their logo that portrays the life on earth and the environment friendliness of their products. DaVinci Creatives and Beva silicones Pvt limited have had a long way together nurturing a wonderful relationship. We design their corporate brochures, storefronts, packages, invitations and other promotional materials for their event management requirements on regular basis.

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DaVinci Creatives, case-study, Beva
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